Processing posters

These moving patterns were created using Processing. I started out by building the pattern modules in Illustrator and then exported them as single asset pngs to link to the Processing document. It is interesting seeing what patterns can be achieved, the puzzle effect was created by using transparent backgrounds on the png whereas the petal […]

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Feature ImgS: The Handbook

The Handbook is an online style guide to what’s on in London. I had the opportunity to freelance with them for a day where I produced feature collages for their email newsletter and to accompany articles on the site. Throughout the day I learnt what it takes to create a clickbait image in a fast […]

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Medical design Examples

As part of my research for the brand identity and app design, I looked at existing healthcare brands putting empathy first. 1) Alan. Alan is the first digital health insurance company in Europe. The French digital startup was rebranded by DesignStudio to help it stand out in the marketplace. The aim was to use empathy […]

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Professional insight into t1

As part of the ethical and collective aspect of the project I bought the book ‘bright spots and land mines’ by Adam brown. The book is a guide to type one diabetes, published by the charity, diatribe. The book focused on areas that were asked in the questionnaire such as effective ways to log and […]

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Client Website

The client needed a website for their vehicle painting and refurbishment company, ‘PJAY PAINTS’. During our first meeting, Prathaban Puvindran suggested a clean and simple site with references to vintage cars. In order to create the site, we had to first create a brand. This consisted of creating a colour palette and logo. For the […]

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App Design

For the ‘Sweetcycle’ identity I explored medical branding to help inform my own ideas. However only ‘Alan’ has an app, which doesn’t offer any example of in-depth data visualisation or inform an appropriate wireframe and layout for my app. I researched companies that are experts in data visualisation and the types of wireframes appropriate to […]

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Sweetcycle – Brand

During my research, themes of mental health started to appear. Medical professionals often refer to it as ‘diabetes burnout’. It also became apparent that there are trends towards wellbeing within the medical industry due to mental health being a current and urgent topic.  As companies go online and healthcare becomes virtual there is a real […]

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Portfolio Artefact

For the portfolio artefact, I wanted to display it in an unusual way as the module has been encouraging us to think in areas that lay on the brink of what’s considered graphics. Whilst taking photos in London for my chosen brief, I noticed the amount of billboards around and had the idea of putting […]

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